Alan Lamb

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I still remember how my passion for art really started, I was at Rosendale primary school in Dulwich. Mr Corrs the Headmaster had told me I was ‘getting too big for my boots’; I probably was. To his amazement I joined the after school art club that he had just started up, I am sure he wasn’t ready to see me there, as one of the first to join. I am pretty sure I changed his perception of me and excelled in his class, the rest of my school work improved too and I believe that he played a big part in that.

I was determined to work in the advertising world and started as a junior at a direct mail agency back in the late eighties. I learnt lots about the print industry and it’s processes and the many specialist professions that were involved in getting to the final printed product.

I have remained in the creative field, working in-house for companies and continuing to work on freelance projects. I need to keep moving forward, to keep in-touch with trends and the various software needed to produce material. I still have the passion for it and want to continue to pursue it.